Sudaria «Lucid Nightmares»

Frozen Light presents “Lucid Nightmares”, the second album by the Spanish project Sudaria. A sinister soundtrack for your worst realistic nightmares convicted in frozen flames of industrial music combined with ritual ambient, classical music, drone and black metal. Don’t miss! In digipack, 102 copies. “Lucid Nightmares” (2017, Frozen Light) Frozen Light представляет второй альбом испанского […]

Notchnoi Prospekt «Polyurythane»

Frozen Light presents the new, first since 1993, album by the legendary band “Notchnoi Prospec”t (Night Avenue)!A mixture of New Wave. Rock’n’roll and Industrial mainly on the lyrics of the Moscow-based poet Sergey Sidorov. Sound design – Evgene Voronovsky (Cisfinitum). Digifile, 300 copies! «Polyurythane» (2017, CD, Album, Frozen Light) Frozen Light представляет новый, первый с […]

Vitaliy Maklakov «Zheleznie Skazki Pt. 2»

Frozen Light presents the second part of the “Iron fairy tales” («Zheleznie Skazki») by Vitaly Maklakov: three new tales told by the screech of metal, the rustle of field recordings and digital and analogue originated noise. Dive inside iron, go out of the usual world. «Zheleznie Skazki Pt. 2» (2017, Frozen Light) Frozen Light представляет […]

UTON «Eternal Flow»

This album works also well for clearing the mind, to rest after a heavy day «Eternal Flow» is the new album of Finnish experimental project UTON. It’s a one hour trip to listener’s own mind; which with a deeper look is actually the collective mind of everything ever created. Long ever-changing drones from the aether, […]

Marche Funèbre “Into the Arms of Darkness”

“Into the Arms of Darkness”, Marche Funebre’s third album, is a stepping stone in the band’s discography. It combines a massive production with matured song writing, polished through the years while preserving the same passion and energy as ever. Compared to band’s previous work, the new material also incorporates additional Black and Post-Black Metal influences. […]

Small Things on Sundays «Fare Forward»

The atmospheres on the cd suggests a voyage on a frosty and foggy sea ”Fare Forward” is the 12th album by Danish experimental / dark ambient duo Small Things on Sundays. Since the first release in 2010, they have investigated different musical directions (freestyle turntablism, noise, broken instruments, etc.). “Fare Forward” is Small Things on […]

Norma Reaktsii & Dadhikra “Spawn Of Life”

The Album is dedicated to the inexorable course of Life in all its manifestations Frozen Light presents new conceptual work of the Tver project Norma Reaktsii and Dadhikra (YAO91404D) from St. Petersburg, the Album “Spawn Of Life” is dedicated to the biological process on our planet, the inexorable course of Life in all its manifestations, […]

Winterblood “Passaggio Soprannaturale”

Melodic droning Ambient for this Winter! Frozen Light presents one-evening-recorded mini-album by Winterblood – «Passaggio Soprannaturale» – a small supernatural travel in snowy winter Alps. Melodic droning Ambient for this Winter! «Passaggio Soprannaturale» (2016, EP, Frozen Light) limited to 51 hand-numbered copies Мелодичный зимний эмбиент! Frozen Light представляет новый мини-альбом итальянского проекта Winterblood «Passaggio Soprannaturale» […]

Winterblood «Culti Segreti»

Winterblood “Culti Segreti” is «Incantazione» continuation Frozen Light presents the new album by Italian project Winterblood «Culti Segreti» «Incantazione» continuation, the secret cult of cold, frost, snow and icy wind. Crispy and tingling Drone Ambient will chill the listener to the bones and collapse into the icy abyss. Where demons masked as angels around and […]

ORDOG «The Grand Wall»

Finnish masters of Doom Death Metal are back with their fifth album «The Grand Wall» End of the year is a time for our traditional co-release with MFL-Records (and Solitude Prod. this time). So… Finnish masters of Doom Death Metal are back with their fifth album «The Grand Wall». This album is more aggressive compared […]