As Autumn Calls

As Autumn Calls released 2 albums and 1 EP Death Doom Metal band from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The band was formed in 2005 as a duo, but became a quartet later. As Autumn Calls released 2 albums and 1 EP, plus new EP at FZL. Discogpaphy: «Resignation» (2017, EP, Frozen Light) discogs Links asautumncalls bandcamp […]


Power Drone Ambient duo from Sweden – Magnus Zetterberg (Manifesto) and David Bengtsson (IOK-1/Dödsapparaten). Discogpaphy: «Hands That Lead Our Decay» (2017, Album, Frozen Light) discogs

Evgeniy Kharitonov

EugeneKha (Evgeniy Kharitonov) – Russian experimenter, poet, publisher, journalist and unusual music promoter, literary and movie historian, and just amazing person. Discography: «Gravity» (2017, альбом, Frozen Light) discogs Links: bandcamp blogspot vk soundcloud 45echoes-sounds

Zinc Room

Industrial / Dark Ambient duo from Yekaterinburg (Russia), working in the field of dark and fascinating aesthetics of death and cemeteries. Discography: «Grave Abyss» (2017, альбом, Frozen Light) discogs Link: vk

Accasari (ex-System Morgue)

Accasari (ex-System Morgue) Drone / guitar ambient / dronegaze / post-rock project from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Discography: «Froid» (2017, альбом,Frozen Light) discogs Links: facebook soundcloud vk

Who Dies In Siberian Slush

Legendary Funeral Death Doom Metal band, one of the style’s founders in Russia. The band plays live actively and prepear new material. Discogpaphy: “Intimate Death Experience” (2018, album, Frozen Light) “Bitterness of the Years That Are Lost” (LP, album, Frozen Light) discogs Links: wdiss bandcamp facebook soundcloud myspace metal-archives


Young Spanish industrial project. Sudaria combines Ambient Industrial with Black Metal, Drone and Classical music. Discography: “Lucid Nightmares” (2017, Frozen Light) discogs Links: bandcamp facebook

Notchnoi Prospekt

Старейшая российская индастриал-группа, начинавшая свой жизненный путь в 1985 году. Музыка проекта разнообразна – от танцевальных ритмов до тяжёлой электроники и рока. Группа активно концертирует. Дискография: «Полиуретан» (2017, CD, Альбом, Frozen Light) discogs Ссылки: VK wikipedia

Vitaliy Maklakov

Vitaliy – Uralian composer and visual artist also known for projects 581C, Kromeshna, Light Collapse, Obozdur, Камера Сенсорной Депривации (Sensor Deprivation Camera) and Монофактура (Monofacture). He also runs Ostroga & Heart Shaped Box Prod labels. Discography «Zheleznie Skazki Pt. 2» (2017, Frozen Light) discogs Links: ostroga heartshapedboxprod


Project of Finnish experimental composer Jani Hirvonen also known for number of various experimental projects. Discogpaphy: «Eternal Flow» (2017, Frozen Light) discogs Links: