all-Russian Hydrogen Census

FZL 013


Frozen Light presents new mini-album by post-industrial jesters Homo Durus, who experiment on pure forms of improvisation. Their new work called “all-Russian hydrogen census ” was designed as a collaborative effort with piano noiseacoustic project “Life with an Idiot». Both projects have retreated from their traditional themes (turtles, cheese and herring) and spread out on a search for the limits of music perception as an art form and the air rending. Grand Total – all sad and funny at the same time. Material is traditionally based on one-day live improvised recordings using electronic equipment, piano and voices. The new album was recorded in one evening, like the previous one, but if the group explored the principles of analog synthesis and ironic allusions to the music at that time, now the principle of sampling and grotesque in electronic and acoustic music are the main objects of experiments.
We recommend this work for all who love the humor in experimental music!

CDr. Hand-crafted A5 booklet, limited to 30 hand-numbered copies.

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