Ocean Ocean

Post-Rock / Lo-Fi / electronic band from St. Petersburg. Some of the songs are in rotation on some Internet radio stations. More or less current line-up: Daniel Grigoriev, Dimitriy Malinkin Philip Prigonsky, Victor Polko, Olesya Bugulichenko-Ryabochek. Discography: “Roza Vetrov” (2012, album, Frozen Light) “Chromevelour: Side A” (2013, Digital EP, Frozen Light) “Крым” Ocean Ocean vs […]

Children Of Hangover

Strange multistyled band active from 2005 to 2009 with various musicians under different names (and sometimes without any). At the present time – in sleep mode. The bulk of the material remained unpublished, the archives are kept by the band members on tapes and in digital format. Few people had the good fortune to watch […]

Maxim Markevich

Poet, musician, painter, philosopher. He graduated from the Moscow State University of Printing Arts. Member of numerous literary workshops, a regular participant of the project “Poligrafomaniya.” He participates in the “Salmon Leap” art project (video poetry, short movies). In addition to reading poetry plays guitar and sings her own songs. Professional designer and illustrator. Discography: […]

Sergey Geichenko

He participated in many musical groups and creative unions Poet, musician, composer, writer, singer, philosopher. Born in Moscow on June 11, 1988. He graduated from the Moscow State University of Printing Arts in 2010, candidate of philological sciences. Have secondary music education (piano). Also he plays guitar, some wind instruments, engaged in electronic music. In […]

Ancient lament “Messages From The Crystals”

Дебютный альбом сербско-французского Funeral Doom коллектива Ancient Lament погружает слушателя в тёмный, холодный и затягивающий мир загадочного космоса. Нечеловеческие мелодии и глубинное рычание пробуждают древние чудища и погибшие цивилизации (как земные, так и инопланетные), отворяя манящую Бездну Великого Космоса. Медленный, давящий, но удивительно красивый саундтрек для описанных Г.Ф. Лавкрафтом древних ритуалов и месс. Ваши Астральные […]

12 апреля

Поздравляем всех с днём космонавтики! Будем исследовать космос силой звука!

Alexander Nikol’skiy

Homeless from Rostov-on-Don. He writes songs, prose. Tries not to be dejected. He plays some gigs while trying to get better living. Discography: «Судьбы изгиб» (2013, альбом, Frozen Light)