Brasilian Depressive Black / Melanchilic Doom Metal duo formed in 2014. Line-up: O.L. (Cold Internal Corrosion, ex-Absent Heat) – vocals, guitars, effects, ambience; P. (Absent Heat) – drums, secondary vocals and sometimes bass guitar. Discography: “Overshadowed” (2015, album, Frozen light) «Torpor Overdose» (2014, EP, Le Crépuscule Du Soir) «Overshadowed» (2014, Digital альбом, self-released) Links: bandcamp.com […]

Distiphyxia “Overshadowed”

Frozen Light presents a physical incarnation of “Overshadowed” – a debut album by Brazilian duo “Distiphyxia. Nine melancholic and torpid songs full of emptiness, sadness, apathy and solitude. 300 copies made. Frozen Light представляет “Overshadowed” – физическое воплощение дебютного альбома бразильского дуэта Distiphyxia. Девять меланхоличных оцепеневших композиций, наполненных пустотой, грустью, апатией и одиночеством. 300 копий.

Enthroned Darkness «Grim Symphony Of The Night»

OUT-15-002 06.07.2015 Our inactive sublabel Outer Line issued a new album by Italian Black Metal band Enthroned Darkness. Grim Symphony Of The Night» music combines traditional Black Metal (including neo-classical and dark ambient fragments, “croaking vocals”) and Funeral Doom elements (total viscosity, symphonic keyboard-driven (instead of guitar) compositions). Composed, played and sung under inspiration from […]

Life with an Idiot

“Life With An Idiot” is a Sergei Geichenko, solo project since 2007 created for various strange and funny sound experiments outside of “Children Of Hangover” band borders.. Discography: “all-Russian Hydrogen Census” («всероссийская перепись водоРода») ( 2014, mini-album, Frozen Light) «Жизнь С Идиотом» (2007, Digital EP, Self-released) Links: pushkinstyle1799 VK litistina.ru livejournal.com youtube.com mgup.ru


Catacombed project was originally formed as a duo by two musicians – Hangsvart from France (Abysmal Growls Of Despair, Plagueprayer, Caelum Natus Ex Mortuus etc.) and Margul Demonic from Croatia (many underground projects). The duo worked in Horror Funerary Death Metal style. In this veintheir debut EP «Relics Of An Abysmal Crypt»was created. While Frozen […]

Astrowind «Kedr»

Latvian composer, musician and sound designer Kirils Lomunovs/Astrowind is soaring up to the cosmos again with his new EP “Kedr”. An unquiet and seemingly somewhat chaotic music enshrouds deep textures of sound, micronoise of cosmos and voices of its conquerors. Atmosphere of nostalgia for enthusiasm of a gone epoch of extraterrestrial space active research and […]

Catacombed «Relics Of An Abysmal Crypt»

Recently released digitally Catacombed «Relics Of An Abysmal Crypt» debut EP is presented now on CDr with updated artwork and much better sound quality (rich sound bets mp3!). 22 tense minutes of claustrophobia, fear and darkness. Pure Slow Funerary Death metal is coming! Glossy digipack, ltd. 52. discogs.com bandcamp.com Выпущенный не так давно в цифровом […]