EMERGE “Hiding Place”

“Hiding Place” is a lost Emerge, album partly collaborated with German fairy singer Eljara (Prinzip Nemesis) and Russian Experimental Ambient artist Re-DrUm. Great and almost easy-listening soundscapes full of bright mysterious atmospheres, distant choirs, meditative rhythms and calm melodies. Just inexpressibly beautiful music… In digifile, 300 copies. “Hiding Place” – архивный альбом Emerge, созданный частично […]


EMERGE stands for atmospheric and deep music EMERGE is the main Experimental project masterminded by Sascha Stadlmeier (Dependenz, Exedo, Narcoses, NYM etc., member of Conclusive Entanglement, Das Audiovisuelle Kollektiv, Deconstruction Disco, Martwa Natura, Omphalocele etc.), rather well-known German experimental musician, owner of legendary attenuation circuit music label. EMERGE stands for atmospheric and deep music, melodic drones […]

Astarium “In The Nebulous Sky”

“In The Nebulous Sky” is a Dark Ambient demo by Russian Symphonic Black Metal band Astarium. Cold and Cosmic music recorded during frosty first days of year 2015. This drift is a leisurely trip through the starry halls of foggy firmaments that became an embodiment of universal serenity, ruthlessly devouring all human feelings and emotions. […]


Astarium is a Symphonic Black Metal one man band from Siberia, Russia. Also Astarium creates some Dark Ambient and Experimental Black Metal music. Astarium mastermind SiN runs Dominion of SiN label. Genres: Dark/Neo-classic Ambient,Experimental Black Metal Discography: “In The Nebulous Sky” (2016, альбом, Frozen Light) discogs Links: astarium.ru facebook bandcamp