Vitaliy Maklakov «Zheleznie Skazki Pt. 2»

Frozen Light presents the second part of the “Iron fairy tales” («Zheleznie Skazki») by Vitaly Maklakov: three new tales told by the screech of metal, the rustle of field recordings and digital and analogue originated noise. Dive inside iron, go out of the usual world. «Zheleznie Skazki Pt. 2» (2017, Frozen Light) Frozen Light представляет […]

Vitaliy Maklakov

Vitaliy – Uralian composer and visual artist also known for projects 581C, Kromeshna, Light Collapse, Obozdur, Камера Сенсорной Депривации (Sensor Deprivation Camera) and Монофактура (Monofacture). He also runs Ostroga & Heart Shaped Box Prod labels. Discography «Zheleznie Skazki Pt. 2» (2017, Frozen Light) discogs Links: ostroga heartshapedboxprod

UTON «Eternal Flow»

This album works also well for clearing the mind, to rest after a heavy day «Eternal Flow» is the new album of Finnish experimental project UTON. It’s a one hour trip to listener’s own mind; which with a deeper look is actually the collective mind of everything ever created. Long ever-changing drones from the aether, […]


Project of Finnish experimental composer Jani Hirvonen also known for number of various experimental projects. Discogpaphy: «Eternal Flow» (2017, Frozen Light) discogs Links:

Marche Funèbre “Into the Arms of Darkness”

“Into the Arms of Darkness”, Marche Funebre’s third album, is a stepping stone in the band’s discography. It combines a massive production with matured song writing, polished through the years while preserving the same passion and energy as ever. Compared to band’s previous work, the new material also incorporates additional Black and Post-Black Metal influences. […]

Marche Funèbre

Belgian Death Doom Metal quintet. Band plays live actively all over the Europe singing their philosophical songs about death, pain and lost love. Discogpaphy: “Into the Arms of Darkness”, (2017, Frozen Light, MFL-Records, BadMoodMan Music) Links:

Small Things on Sundays «Fare Forward»

The atmospheres on the cd suggests a voyage on a frosty and foggy sea ”Fare Forward” is the 12th album by Danish experimental / dark ambient duo Small Things on Sundays. Since the first release in 2010, they have investigated different musical directions (freestyle turntablism, noise, broken instruments, etc.). “Fare Forward” is Small Things on […]

Small Things on Sundays

The duo works with different stylistic challenges Danish experimental / dark ambient duo – Henrik Bagner (also known as On The Wrong Planet) and Claus Poulsen (member of Alarm 112, Audionauts, Blind Man’s Band, CAM, F L A K, Krankenhavs, Piss Guitars, Reaction Power Trio and Star Turbine). The duo works with different stylistic challenges […]


Dadhikra is focused on genuine folk sound Dadhikra is a side project of famous St. Petersburg project ЯО91404Д also known with Anti-Verstand and Tchernoblyad, member of Obozdur 91404 D and Antarctica projects. Dadhikra is focused on genuine folk sound, however, does not exclude musical experiments in the field of post-industrial. Discography: “Spawn Of Life” (2017, […]

Norma Reaktsii

Norma Reaktsii– the cult Tver Noise project Norma Reaktsii– the cult Tver Noise project that released more than a dozen albums and collaborations during its history. The project is interesting due to combination of ananalogue radio noise and ambient, as well as a wide experimentation with sound. Discography: “Spawn Of Life” (2017, CD, Frozen Light) […]