As Autumn Calls

As Autumn Calls released 2 albums and 1 EP Death Doom Metal band from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The band was formed in 2005 as a duo, but became a quartet later. As Autumn Calls released 2 albums and 1 EP, plus new EP at FZL. Discogpaphy: «Resignation» (2017, EP, Frozen Light) discogs Links asautumncalls bandcamp […]


Power Drone Ambient duo from Sweden – Magnus Zetterberg (Manifesto) and David Bengtsson (IOK-1/Dödsapparaten). Discogpaphy: «Hands That Lead Our Decay» (2017, Album, Frozen Light) discogs

Evgeniy Kharitonov

EugeneKha (Evgeniy Kharitonov) – Russian experimenter, poet, publisher, journalist and unusual music promoter, literary and movie historian, and just amazing person. Discography: «Gravity» (2017, альбом, Frozen Light) discogs Links: bandcamp blogspot vk soundcloud 45echoes-sounds

Zinc Room

Industrial / Dark Ambient duo from Yekaterinburg (Russia), working in the field of dark and fascinating aesthetics of death and cemeteries. Discography: «Grave Abyss» (2017, альбом, Frozen Light) discogs Link: vk

Accasari (ex-System Morgue)

Accasari (ex-System Morgue) Drone / guitar ambient / dronegaze / post-rock project from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Discography: «Froid» (2017, альбом,Frozen Light) discogs Links: facebook soundcloud vk