Thermal Anomaly

FZL 081 21.07.2021 CD Thermal Anomaly by Phantoms & Mirages Description: Frozen Light presents a long-awaited debut album by mysterious Phantoms & Mirages – “Thermal Anomaly”, warm and ghostly Dark Ambient with calm noises and drifting minimal melodies, field recordings and strange samples. Nice soundtrack to our post-industrial (or even post-apocalypse) present. Open your window, […]


FZL 082 19.06.2021 CD Deadlife by Pain Injection Description: Frozen Light presents the debut album by Pain Injection – follower of great and mighty Zoloft Evra. “Deadlife” brings a strong mixture of Dark Ambient, Industrial and Black Metal. Deep sadness, razored emotions, Beauty and Emptiness. Death for Life and Life for Death. Price – […]

Crocodile Denture Adhesive

FZL 073 Release date: 05.08.2016 CD Crocodile Denture Adhesive by LE SCRAMBLED DEBUTANTE Description: Frozen Light present physical incarnation of Le Scrambled Debutante’s classic manipulated album – “Crocodile Denture Adhesive”. Previously available as digital download or very limited private CDr, it found its place of factory-pressed CD now. Gentle sound manipulations, soft noises, mysterious and […]


FZL 078 Release date: 13.05.2021 CD Innig by Morgen Wurde Description: Dramatic, devastating, romantic mental upheaval – Frozen Light presents “Innig”, the sixth album by Morgen Wurde. Composer Wolfgang Röttger (from Kiel at the Baltic Sea in Germany) creates amazing, grotesque music that zooms deep into souls, magnifying emotions as if perceived through a burning […]

The Secret Language of Light

FZL 076 Release date: 31.12.2020 CD The Secret Language of Light by Marc Neys Description: Belgian composer Marc Neys, also known as No One, collaborated with Janet Lees, English photographer, visual artist and writer, to create soundtracks to some short films based on manipulated pictures. The toolkit used is rather rich – field recordings and […]

The Principles Of Human Being

FZL 077 Release date: 17.10.2020 CD The Principles Of Human Being by Halter Description: This album is a joint release of two Russian labels, Moscow Funeral League And Frozen Light. In this work, the Russian band HALTER from Yaroslavl city shows a new level of development of their musical, creative, and performing qualities. However, connoisseurs […]

Path Of Doubt

FZL 079 Release date: 24.10.2020 CD Path Of Doubt by Exit In Grey Description: This strange year has already met the two albums by sub-Moscow project Exit In Grey, and now Frozen Light presents to your attention the third one – “Path of Doubt”. Essentially “Control Points” and “K7” albums contained archival material that had […]


FZL 074 Release date: 22.07.2020 CD K7 by Exit In Grey Description: Frozen Light presents “K7” – new album by Sub-Moscow project Exit In Grey. Recorded in 2010, this work is a good example of Exit In Grey classic sound: distant guitar echoes, flickering melodies, cautious noises and – a unique and original sound canvas […]

“La nemesi della nebbia”

FZL 070 Release date: 29.02.2020 CD La nemesi della nebbia by Winterblood Description: Frozen Light presents long awaited (and long delayed) re-issue of Winterblood’s classic “La nemesi della nebbia” album. Previously available on tape, it is back on factory-pressed CD in 3-folders digipack with fantastic artwork by Moga Alexandru (Kogaion Art). Freezing and foggy ambient […]

“Control Points”

FZL 072 Release date: 31.01.2020 CD Control Points by Exit In Grey Description: The new album by the Moscow region based drone ambient project Exit In Grey is released by joint forces of the labels Muzyka Voln and Frozen Light. It represents the completion of the symbolic trilogy started by “Shadows of Stillness” (2013, Muzyka […]