“Celestial Harmonics”

FZL 071 08.10.2019 CD Celestial Harmonics by Phobos Description: Frozen Light presents “Celestial Harmonics” – new album by British project “Phobos”. Space Drone Ambient soundscapes with soft melodies, droning pulsations and space atmosphere will take you into a long journey though the stars and distant planets. Deep music for deep listening. bandcamp.com CD in 3-folders […]

“Intimate Death Experience”

FZL 069 24.11.2018 CD Intimate Death Experience by Who Dies in Siberian Slush Description: Frozen Light presents the third full-length album by Moscow-based band Who Dies in Siberian Slush – “Intimate Death Experience”. Truly Russian Funeral Doom Death, majestic and sad. 6 slow funeral marches and hymns will help you survive this experience of personal […]

“Jää / Jég”

FZL 068 27.10.2018 Digital album Jää / Jég by Jari Pitkänen & Shum Description: Amazing drone / noise / ambient music created by a cooperation of Finnish and Hungarian artists. Icy music: Winter is close. All the sounds are inspirited by Nature. Co-release with NGC Prod (Hun) and Aesthetic Death (GB). bandcamp.com CD in jewel […]


FZL 065 03.03.2018 Digital album Moments by Exit In Grey Description: Frozen Light presents new Exit In Grey– “Moments”. This CD contains one long track comprised of two live recordings fragments: from the festivals “Notmusic – Itisnothere” (18.03.2017), and “Drёma VI” (21.12.2014). First part of the track is a sort of dark droning guitar ambient […]


FZL 064 31.12.2017 CD Gravity = Гравитация by EugeneKha Description: Ambient / Berlin School. Gravity – a double concept album by Russian project EugeneKha. Gravity is a fusion of tradition meditative space ambient, progressive post-Krautrock and dreamy synth-electronics. Also the album includes two live performances, live versions differ from the album ones. o software synths […]

«Grave Abyss»

FZL 063 31.12.2017 CD Grave Abyss by Zinc Room Description: The project from the Urals comes back to tell you a horrible night tale. Cemetery wickets are creaking, wind howls in damp crypts and crooked crosses strain after their masters buried down in the ground. Steel slabs and spiral springs, overdriven bass guitar and rattling […]


FZL 061 31.12.2017 CD Froid by System Morgue Description: New tapestry from the St. Petersburg-based guitar drone project. Multilayered compositions woven from cyclic fuzzing riffs, melancholic tunes, reversed notes and mild downtempo rhythms. Absolutely recommended to the connoisseurs of the genre! bandcamp.com CD in cardboard envelope, limited to 300 stamp-numbered copies. Price – 10 €

«Hands That Lead Our Decay»

FZL 062 Release date: 30.10.2017 CD Hands That Lead Our Decay by dB/Mz Description: Frozen Light presents second album by Power Drone duo dB/Mz. Heavy Drone music with Ambient, Noise and Industrial elements. Dark sceneries of surrounding forests inhabited by strange animals, frightening birds and revived mushrooms…. Loud music for uneasy perception. bandcamp.com CDjewel box, […]


FZL 059 Release date: 30.10.2017 CD Resignation EP by As Autumn Calls Description: New work is based on re-recorded tracks Frozen Light presents new EP by Canadian Death Doom band As Autumn Calls. New work is based on re-recorded tracks from “Emotionless” EP (2009) plus 2 previously unreleased songs. Recommended to all Doom Metal lovers! […]