«B O T Y T A L»

FZL 060 Release date: 30.04.2017 LP Bitterness Of The Years That Are Lost by Who Dies In Siberian Slush Description: The recording process involved a unique arsenal of musical instruments, including a flute and a trombone Who Dies In Siberian Slush, the style founders of funeral death doom in Russia, have completely re-recorded their cult […]


FZL 058 Release date: 07.04.2017 CD Полиуретан / Polyurythane by Ночной проспект / Notchnoi Prospect Description: Frozen Light presents the new, first since 1993, album by the legendary band “Notchnoi Prospec”t (Night Avenue)! A mixture of New Wave. Rock’n’roll and Industrial mainly on the lyrics of the Moscow-based poet Sergey Sidorov. Sound design – Evgene […]

«Lucid Nightmares»

FZL 057 Release date: 13.04.2016 CD Lucid Nightmares by Sudaria Description: Frozen Light presents “Lucid Nightmares”, the second album by the Spanish project Suadaria. A sinister soundtrack for your worst realistic nightmares convicted in frozen flames of industrial music combined with ritual ambient, classical music, drone and black metal. Don’t miss! bandcamp.com CDr, digifile with […]

«Zheleznie Skazki»

FZL 056 Release date: 21.02.2017 CD Zheleznie Skazki Pt. 2 by Vitaliy Maklakov Description: Frozen Light presents the second part of the “Iron fairy tales” («Zheleznie Skazki») by Vitaly Maklakov: three new tales told by the screech of metal, the rustle of field recordings and digital and analogue originated noise. Dive inside iron, go out […]

“Into the Arms of Darkness”,

FZL 055 Release date: 20.02.2017 CD Into The Arms Of Darkness by Marche Funèbre Description: “Into the Arms of Darkness”, Marche Funebre’s third album, is a stepping stone in the band’s discography. It combines a massive production with matured song writing, polished through the years while preserving the same passion and energy as ever. Compared […]

«Eternal Flow»

FZL 054 Release date: 21.02.2017 CD Description: This sound is the language of the Eternal Flow «Eternal Flow» is the new album of Finnish experimental project UTON. It’s a one hour trip to listener’s own mind; which with a deeper look is actually the collective mind of everything ever created. Long ever-changing drones from the […]

«Fare Forward»

FZL 052 05.02.2017 CD Fare Forward by Small Things on Sundays Описание: Музыка – как чистый звук и атмосфера, стирающая грань между реальностью и состоянием сна «Fare Forward» – 12-й студийный альбом датского экспериментального Дарк эмбиент дуэта Small Things on Sundays. С первого альбома в 2010 году они исследовали различные музыкальные направления (Фристайл тернтаблизм, шум, […]

“Spawn Of Life”

FZL 053 Release date: 01.02.2017 CD Spawn Of Life by Norma Reaktsii & Dadhikra Description: Frozen Light presents new conceptual work of the Tver project Norma Reaktsii and Dadhikra (YAO91404D) from St. Petersburg, the Album “Spawn Of Life” is dedicated to the biological process on our planet, the inexorable course of Life in all its […]

“By fire”

FZL — Release date: 17.01.2015 CD Огнём by Андрей Тимонин и Хромвелюр bandcamp.com about Timonin about Сromevelour File, MP3, Single

“Passaggio Soprannaturale”

  FZL 051 Release date: 30.12.2016 CDr Passaggio soprannaturale by Winterblood Description: Frozen Light presents one-evening-recorded mini-album by Winterblood – “Passaggio Soprannaturale” – a small supernatural travel in snowy winter Alps. Melodic droning Ambient for this Winter! bandcamp.com 3” CDr, envelope, limited to 51 hand-numbered copies. Price – 5 €