Plays For Piano

FZL 000


The second album by Sergey Geichenko – Moscow-based composer, poet, writer, etc.
You will open a conceptual musical canvas, based on the Sergey’s literary works (also featuring songs based on Alexander Pushkin’s and Velimir Khlebnikov’s poetry). Musically the album “dangles” somewhere between industrial, noise ambient, folk and classical music, based on the strong rock roll platform.Written and almost everything performed by Sergei himself (from piano and guitar to basins, gates and even mane comb solo). Some sections contributed by Anton Zhokh (drums), Anton Grishin (electric guitar) A.B. (bass guitar and voice) and Maxim Markevich (artwork).
Attentive listener will find a lot of surprises!
In Russian language.This CDr seems to be the first Frozen Light regular release, issued in
spring 2009. The CDr contains piano pieces written in middle 2000s by Sergey Geichenko. Partly these plays are revorked musical themes written for “Children of a hangover” mutistyled band, and partly these plays are also seemed to be musical illustrations for Sergey’s literary works.

1. Служба 4:25
2. Двадцать Чётвёртое Февраля 5:02
3. Им 4:26
4. Перед Посвящением 0:42
5. Посвящение 4:00
6. Каша 6:35
7. Пётр Сергеевич 3:23
8. Обычные Занятия 2:01
9. Мы 1:12
10. Пьеса Фа Минор 4:13
11. Д 3:59
12. В Моей Голове 3:06
13. Зима 4:15
14. Апейрон 3:28
15. Перед 0:30
16. Колонное 3:40
17. Конец 2:03


CDr. Jewel box with 4-page booklet, limited to 50 hand-numbered and signed copies. Last 10 copies contain 3 additional music tracks, as well as a certain number of empty tracks calculated the total number of  tracks equal to the disk number (for example, CDr number 41 features 41 track)

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