Abysmal Growls Of Despair

Funeral Doom Metal one-man project from France. The project’s music shows frontiers to classical music borders, experimental electronics and noise influences. Music themes inspirited by everything secret, unearhy and unknown, space and deep dungeons, H.P. Lovecraft. Hangsvart, the only member of the band, known for such projects as Caelum Natus Ex Mortuus (Dark Ambient / Drone Noise), Plagueprayer (Doom Death Metal), Low Cave Sounds (Heavy Drone), Ursus Horribilis (Brutal Death Metal) and others. He also participates in such bands as Arrant Saudade (Funeral Doom Metal), Ancient Lament (Space Funeral Doom Metal), Catacombed (Funerary Horror Death Metal) and many other.


“Eternal Lament” (Re-release) (2016, Frozen Light / Silent Time Noise Records)
“Songs of Deepest Skies” (featuring The Cold View) (2015, Frozen Light)
«Eternal Lament» (2013, CD / Digital, Self-released)
«Nothing More Humane» (2013, Digital сингл, Self-released)
«Dark Days» (2014, Digital CD , Self-released)
«Abyss» (2014, Digital CD , Self-released)
«Lovecraftian Drone» (2014, Digital CD , Self-released)
«Split In Memoriam» (совместная работа In Lacrimaes Et Dolor и Until My Funerals Began) (2014, CD , GS Productions)
«Ci-Gît» (2015, Digital ЕР, Self-released)
«Between My Dead» (2015, CD, Satanath Records / More Hate Productions / Black Plague Records, официальная дистрибуция Frozen Light)
«Monde Agonisant» (2015, Digital ЕР, Self-released)
«Ereshkigal» (2016, Digital ЕР, Self-released)
«Carnassier – Armand D’Estebaie» (2016, Digital ЕР, Self-released)


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