“Abstrakter Wald”

FZL 028


Cold and Atmospheric Dark Ambient from Winter Carpathian lands. A journey to the forgotten place of the lost spirits, where the mighty Unknown is not abstract concept, but rather a permeating experience far away from human world and broken reality. Toward eternity. To the lonely place to die… For fans of MORTIIS (Era l), VOND and old BURZUM. Album based on the field recordings that were made in Winter 2010 at close live ritual in Carpathian Mountains. Recorded on Reel-to-reel/open-reel tape recorder in pseudo-stereo mode. All sounds represent a real-time-recording, along with background sounds of the open space and atmosphere of the natural acoustics. No PC programs were used here. Mastered at Moloch studio. All music written and recorded by Sergiy Fjodsson. Tracks 1-5 (and track “Abstrakter Wald Vl”) is a remastered parts of the very long original live recorded track “Abstrakter Wald”. Tracks 6-9 were recorded in Winter 2010 as a part of rehearsal pre-live session. This DIGIPACK CD version comes with additional bonus tracks “In dem gewaltigen Wald wo das Echo sich selbst verliert” (taken from “Horizont” EP), “Der Ewigkeit entgegen l” (Taken from split with Voidstar). Also tracks have better mastering, so total time of the tracks can be a bit different than on other editions.

Cold black’n’white 3-folders digipack limited to 102 copies only

Sold out

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