Sad Parade

Sad Parade is a legendary Finnish gothic rock / post-punk / darkwave band active in the 90s. The band’s line-up included such legendary underground figures as Aku-Tuomas Mattila (Augustus M, This Empty Flow, Huminoida, Plastic Passion label head), Jussi Kotkanen (NYX), Johan Eklund (NYX), Jori Sjöroos (This Empty Flow, Thergothon, Fu-Tourist, Magenta Skycode, Solina Records head) and others. As we know the band resumed its activity now!

“Tapes Analogue 1992-1994” (2015, compilation, Frozen Light)

Faction Of Indian Food (1992, Demo, Self-Released)
Unicorn Tape (1993, Demo, Self-Released)
Live Without Sequencers (1995, Live Album, Plastic Passion)
Immortal Illusion (1995, Mini-Album, Darklands)
Sad But Dream (Split With Dreamtime) (1996, EP, Plastic Passion)
Provocation 1997 (1997, Promo, Plastic Passion)
Paradisco ‎(1999, 7″, Plastic Passion)
10.15 (2000, EP, Muovi 111)
Tapes Analogue 1992-1994 ‎(2015, Comptilation, Plastic Passion)