Old Man Of The Desert

Sub-Moscow Black Metal / Shoegaze one-man-band. OMOTD atmospheric music combines also Folk, Ambient and Post-rock elements. Discography: «Untitled Compilation» (2015, Album, Frozen Light) bandcamp Links: bandcamp facebook

Low Cave Sounds

Low Cave Sounds can be described as a darkest incarnation of Hangsvart, a musician who stands beyond such projects as Abysmal Growls of Despair (Funeral Doom Metal), Catacombed (Drone Doom), Caelum Natus Ex Mortuus (Dark Ambient), Plagueprayer (Horror Doom Metal) etc. LCS music is very deep and claustrophobic, absolutely dark and totally uneasy to listen […]

Low Cave Sounds «Voices In The Ground»

“There are some things in our world, which must rest for eternity. But sometimes, in the deepest caves of the Earth, where no light shines, there is a sound that echos under the stones and wakes our nightmares.” File under: uneasy listening. “В нашем мире есть некоторые вещи, которые должны покоиться вечно. Но иногда, из […]

«The Efflorescence» EPHEMERAL OCEAN

EPHEMERAL OCEAN, Moscow Progressive Death Doom Metal band, will release its first full-length album «The Efflorescence» on November 30, 2015 via Moscow Funeral League and Frozen Light. The album was mixed and mastered by Greg Chandler (Priory Recording Studios). «The Efflorescence» is a 39-minutes-long album which consists of 7 songs. It will be available as […]


Sergiy runs Depressive Illusions Records, Floppy Noise Records and Vibrio Cholerae Records music labels Moloch is a cult Pure Black Metal / Dark Ambient project from Rivne (Ukraine). Sergiy Fjordsson is the only one project member. Moloch music can be described as a coherent mixture of Black Metal and Dark Ambient, but some releases are […]

Birth of the Sun

Autumn is a season for aesthetes… Nature is clothed in gold robes. Sunlight pierces the cold air are unusually bright and warm… Aurum Solis band’s debut album «Рождение Солнца» (Engl. “Birth of the Sun”) tells its own unique story, atypical for the Doom Death Metal genre, life-asserting tale about the everyday birth of our nearest […]

Aurum Solis

Aurum Solis is a solo project led by Sergey “Thanataur” (Without Dreams) from Ekaterinburg, Russia. Aurum Solis music tells the story of the beauty of the world, harmony and wisdom of nature. Basic Doom Death Metal is complemented with bright colors of modern neo-classical music and even Gothic Metal. This music is soft (according to […]