Moloch is a cult Pure Black Metal / Dark Ambient project from Rivne (Ukraine). Sergiy Fjordsson is the only one project member. Moloch music can be described as a coherent mixture of Black Metal and Dark Ambient, but some releases are driven in only one of mentioned styles. Also Moloch experiments with its sound and other music styles. Almost all lyrics are written in Ukrainian language as well as almost all songs tiles are in German. Moloch recordings are analogue in most cases. Dark ambient music is often recorded on reel-to-reel/open-reel tape recorder during special sessions in the woods of Carpathian Mountains during cold and dank wintertime. So the sounds of frost and piercing wind are not effects, they are created by the nature and captured on analogue tape.
Sergiy is also active with his other projects – Saturn Form Essence (Space Drone Noise), Psilocybe City Life (Dark Electronics), Silver Sphere Moon (Ritual Dark Ambient). He also contributes to a numerous of other music projects around the world as a guest musician or vocalist. Sergiy runs Depressive Illusions Records, Floppy Noise Records and Vibrio Cholerae Records music labels.


“Abstrakter Wald” (2015, переиздание, Frozen Light)
«Meine Alte Melancholie» (2016, CD, album, reissue, Frozen Light)


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