Dark Awake

Dark Awake is a cult Neo-Classical / Neo-Folk / Dark Ambient / Ritual band from Greece. The main vibe that prevails is the majestic, the pompous, grand but melancholic and ritualistic as well. Dark Awake stands for Elitism, Art, Beauty, Ethos and forgotten Cults. Their music is inspired by occult subjects and has a strong philosophical and alchemical context.


“Imago Typhonis” (2016, EP, Frozen Light)
“Meseonas” (2008, Album, Twilight Records)
“Epi Thanaton” (2013, Album, Rage In Eden)
“Soil, Blood… And The Reaping Of Light” (2013, Album, Great Turf Deluxe / In The Morningside)
“Anunnaki” (2014, Album, Great Turf Deluxe / WolfTyr Productions)
“Absinthe And Nihilism” (2015, 7” EP, Seventh Crow Records)
“Nyctalops” (2015, Compilation, Winterwolf Records)


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