Karmiciel Wszy

“Karmiciel Wszy” means “louse feeder” – a person who feeds the louses on his/her body for scientific or laboratorial aims.

Karmiciel Wszy is a Dark Ambient / Soundscape / Drone Noise project from Poland. KW music is mostly devoted to strange and unexpected death theme. KW is a very young 2015-born music act, but it shows great activity.

“Torre Bert” (2016, Album, Frozen Light)

“Isdalskvinnen” (2015, Tape Album, Craneal Fracture Records)
“Karmiciel Wszy” ‎(2015, Tape EP, Jasień)
“Taman Shud” (2015, EP, Inyrdisk)
“Ostia” (2015, EP, Silentium In Foresta Records)
“Split” ‎(split with Sindre Bjerga) (2015, Tape Album, BDTA)
“Ofiarowanie” (2015, Album, CVLMINIS)
“Teorema” (2015, Tape Album, Lighten Up Sounds)
“Zona” ‎(2015, Tape Album, Lurker Bias)