Fake Cats Project

Fake Cats Project is unique Experimental/Rock band from Moscow founded by Kirill Makushin (When We Live), Igor Levshin (“Oil” project, When We Live) and Alexei Borisov (Nochnoy Prospect, Center, ASTMA, Volga, Amber Rooms, Gosplan Trio etc.) in January 2015. The Project actively performs live shows and record music with various musicians.

“Russian Canon” (2016, Album, Frozen Light)

“Fake Cat Songs” ‎(2015, Digital EP, Surrism Phonoethics)
“Sad Songs” (2015, Digital EP, Surrism Phonoethics)
“Love is A Ping Pong Ball” (2016, Digital EP, Etched Traumas)

Игорь Лёвшин
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