Exit In Grey

Exit In Grey is a project by Sergey Suhovik, musician and artist from the sub-Moscow city of Pushkino. Stanislav Volkov (1984-2012, the project is Abandoned Head) was a second member of Exit In Grey until 2006., Exit In Grey music is concurrently beautiful and disturbing, painful and clear Drone Ambient created mostly with the help of electric guitars, field and radio recordings, various otherworldly sounds, noises, waves, and other sources (bells, wind instruments, violin, voices, pulsations of the Universe). Exit In Grey performs live, participating in various festivals. Sergey also creates music within his other projects – Five Elements Music (Field Recordings), Sister Loolomie (Digital Ambient), etc. He runs several music labels – Still*Sleep, Semperflorens, Daphnia Records and Teta-Morphosis (together with Dmitry Chistov / HUM).


«Path Of Doubt» (2020, Frozen Light)
«Control Points» (2020, Frozen Light)
«K7» (2020, Frozen Light)
«Moments» (2018, Frozen Light)
«One Lumen In The Past» (2016, Frozen Light)
«Hysterics Of The Eternal» (2016, Frozen Light/Zhelezobeton)
«Audiometry» (2004, ЕР, Still*Sleep / Daphnia Records)
«Nowadays Warm» (2004, album, Daphnia Records)
«Permonency Penetrating / Sarga» ‎(2005, album, Daphnia Records)
«Nameless Droplet» ‎(2005, album, Mystery Sea)
«Magnetoline» ‎(2006, album, Daphnia Records)
«Emotional Resounding» ‎(2007, album, Daphnia Records)
«Sub Pluvia» (2007, album, Daphnia Records)
«Radionarayan» (2007, album, Daphnia Records)
«Twilight Waters» (2007, album, Abgurd)
«Dim Lines» (2008, album, Daphnia Records)
«Hum / Misery / Exit In Grey» (сплит с Hum и Misery) (2008, album, Линия Шума)
«Raktasonic» (2008, album, Daphnia Records)
«Storms» (2011, кассетный альбом, Abgurd)
«Peaceful Landscape / Environment Despair» ‎(2011, кассетный альбом, ЯОП)
«Perception» (2012, album, Daphnia Records)
«Shadows Of Stillness» (2013, album, Muzyka Voln)
«Dust Storm» (ft Fanum) (2013, album, Daphnia Records)


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