“Tapes Analoque”

FZL 020
Release date: 30.11.2015

Faction of Indian Food demo 1992

1. Guilt
2. Mutant Horses
3. Blamable
4. Friday Night (the 13th)

Unicorn Tape 1993

5. Second Dimension
6. Acid Rain
7. Playground
8. Indian Food
9. Into My Room
10. Revenge

Live Without Sequencers 1994

11. Tape
12. Walk Away
13. Playground
14. Guilt
15. Blamable
16. Acid Rain
17. Raven
18. Indian Food


Frozen Light presents a collection of early recordings by the legendary Finnish Post-Punk / Darkwave band Sad Parade. This compilation includes «Faction Of Indian Food» and «Unicorn Tape» demos as well as «Live Without Sequensers» concert. All these records are presented on factory-pressed CD for the first time! All the sounds were restored and (re-)mastered, band leader Aku-Tuomas Mattila shared memories on the booklet pages. We recommend this Music to all Post-Punk lovers and genuine 90s underground fans!

CD. Jewel Box.

Price – 250 ₽