Karmiciel Wszy “Torre Bert”

“Torre Bert” is a name of amateur tracking station in Northern Italy, where lots of space telemetry signals were picked up by brothers Achille and Giovanni Battista Judica-Cordiglia between 1957 and 1965. That recordings included voices of first ever cosmonauts and astronauts catched by self-made equipment. Were these voices true or fake? Disputes are on-going […]

Karmiciel Wszy

“Karmiciel Wszy” means “louse feeder” – a person who feeds the louses on his/her body for scientific or laboratorial aims. Karmiciel Wszy is a Dark Ambient / Soundscape / Drone Noise project from Poland. KW music is mostly devoted to strange and unexpected death theme. KW is a very young 2015-born music act, but it […]

Winterblood “La Via di Neve”

Frozen Light presents “La Via di Neve” – a long-lost album by Winterblood , Dark Ambient project from Florence. 5 melancholic soundscapes made using digital and analogue equipment will bring you to grim but fairy land of Italian Alps, the land of snow, cold wind, frozen spirits and lonely wanderers. Just snow-covered woods around and […]


Winterblood is from Florence, Italy Winterblood is Minimal Black Ambient/Drone/Dark Ambient project from Florence, Italy. Atmospheric and deep cold music made with digital and analogue instruments. Discography: “La nemesi della nebbia” (2020, CD, Album, Frozen Light) «Passaggio Soprannaturale» (2016, EP, Frozen Light) «Culti Segreti» (2016, CD, Album, Frozen Light) “La Via Di Neve” (2016, Album, […]

Dark Awake “Imago Typhonis”

Dark Awake “Imago Typhonis” New Dark Awake EP awakes the shadows… A step away from ordinary dark music of today… Dark, esoteric ritual, majestic music based on superb keyboards, neoclassical instruments and human bones trumpet brings darkness to your heart… An esoteric ritual songs about the forgotten heathen past and sumerian magick. Next Dark Awake […]

Dark Awake

Dark Awake is a cult Neo-Classical / Neo-Folk / Dark Ambient / Ritual band from Greece. The main vibe that prevails is the majestic, the pompous, grand but melancholic and ritualistic as well. Dark Awake stands for Elitism, Art, Beauty, Ethos and forgotten Cults. Their music is inspired by occult subjects and has a strong […]

Drone Ambient split “Aliens VS Dinosaurs”

New release in FZL official distro – 2CD by Belorussian label Symbol Of Domination: new split ‎”Aliens VS Dinosaurs” of 4 dark ambient projects Hulduefni (Portugal), i AM Esper (USA), Paleozoic (Belarus) and Satanath (Russia) ‎was out on December 28th, 2015. Who won this battle? The idea of split in the story of one of the […]