Ancient Lament

International (Serbia – France) Funeral Doom Death Metal project started in 2014. Current line-up: Borgion (Meskalith, Salamander Funeral, Doomhead) – all instruments, music; Hangsvart (Abysmal Growls Of Despair, Arrant Saudade, Meaningful Void, etc.) – voice. Ancient Lament is inspirited by space and extraterrestrial civilizations, Earth visits by aliens and their impact on the dead earthly […]


International (Russia – Germany) Doom Death Metal project started in 2014. Current line-up: E.S. (Who Dies In Siberian Slush, Decay Of Reality) – vocals; Gungrind (Who Dies In Siberian Slush, Decay Of Reality) – guitar, bass guitar, music; Jürgen Fröhling (My Shameful) – drums and percussion. Musicians and poets from around the world are also […]


One of the many projects led by Marko Jović (Croatia), a young post-industrial artist. Marko Jović was born on March 3, 1994. Marko started his music activities in 2006. He stands beyond such projects as Antisocial Block and Asimonde, participant of SR90 project. He also releases music under his own name. Member of a huge […]


Experimental music project from Kharkiv (Ukraine). MINDVOID combines Soviet electronics, chaotic sampling, heavy industrial and music for films Discography: “Thundernoisespell” (2014, album, Frozen Light) «Crime Against» (2011, альбом, Nihil Art Records) «Chi I’ha Vista Morire» (2012, EP, Human Cross Records) «Work Is Killing Me» (2013, альбом, CVLMINIS) «Job. Slavery. Degradation» (2013, альбом, Kadaath Records) «Thundernoisespell» […]

Wakim In House Of The Dead

Solo Apocalyptic Folk / Blues Rock / Drone project led by Roman ‘Mate’ Konev – Space Doom Metal band Endsmouth vocalist and guitarist. The project actively performs with the involvement of guest musicians. Roman also runs some other solo projects. Discography: “Songs Of The Moss” (2014, Enhanced EP, Frozen Light) «Rusted Flames Under Swamp Embrace» […]


Experimental art project (St. Petersburg – Moscow) actually based on Ocean Ocean band and Anastasia & Sergey Geichenko. Very active project, working on a large number of songs and live perfomances. Approximate line-up: Anastasia Geychenko, Anna Marjina, Vera Shurkus Daniel Grigoriev, Dimitriy Aistov, Dmitriy Malinkin, Eugeniya Hyut, Ilya Mutovkin Maxim Osipchuk, Olesya Bugulichenko-Ryabochek, Pavel Smirnov, […]

Secret Corner

Project creates field recordings based music, mostly unpublished or issued in edition of 1 copy. Frozen Light started the radio rotation with Secret Corner – one of the tracks was tuned in the air on the waves of Belgian radio Radio Alma Discography: “Under” (2012, EP, Frozen Light)

Andrey Timonin

Poet, musician, singer, artist. Born on June 30, 1983. Modern bard, who works at the intersection of contemporary urban folk, punk and sludge. Highly concert-active, he has a certain cult status among the Moscow youth. Graphic artist. Discography: «В доме Носова» (2013, альбом, Frozen Light) Andrey Timonin & Chromevelour «Огнём» (2015, Digital сингл, Frozen Light) […]

Shades Of The Black Sky

Sub-Moscow located Funeral Doom / Depressive Black Metal project active from 2013 to 2014. Discography: «Чёрная Тишина» (“Black Silence”) (2013, Album, Frozen Light) «То, что нас поглотит» (“That, Which Shall Devour Us”) (2014, Album, Frozen Light) «Увядание» (“Swallow”) (2014, Digital Album, Frozen Light) «Загнивающий мир» (2013, Digital Album, Self-released)

Homo Durus

Comic post-industrial band, performing improvisational vibrations. Formed by an accident Discography: “Turbo Turtle Thunder Tumbler” (2013, album, Frozen Light) “all-Russian Hydrogen Census” («всероссийская перепись водоРода») ( 2014, mini-album, Frozen Light)